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Software Localization & Testing

The translation of the text and the adjustment of the functional elements of a software product according to the native language of a particular region of the world in known as software localization.

Importance of Software Localization
As we live in the era of globalization, everyone wishes to expand his/her horizons and reach out to wider audience. But, with language difference as a barrier, one wonders how to market his/her software products globally. More often or not, one tends to underestimate the power of language and overlook the impact of cultural differences that are confronted while targeting the global market.

More user friendly is the software product, more will be its sale factor. The language is a critical ingredient for making the software application user friendly. LCS Pvt. Ltd. is the one stop solution for all your language related problems. At LCS® all your language related concerns are well known and taken care of, as we are determined to dissolve such language barriers. Hence, we have added another feather to our cap with Software Localization services.

Common considerations for software localization?

  • Linguistic accuracy: It is needless to say that all the supporting materials such as help text, user guides and error messages are required to be translated in the native language.
  • Image translation: The logos, images and icons along with text need to be translated in the native language to make it more relatable.
  • Date, time, and number formats: While localizing the software, we take care of the intricacies such as different calendars, different holidays, different work weeks and different time zones as they are different for different geographical regions of the world. As different number formats are followed around the world, we keep in account the same while localizing our client's software products.
  • Units of measure and currency conversion: The ZIP code or postal code varies for different geographical regions of the world. In some countries, this concept does not even exist. Another consideration is for weights, measures, and currencies. Also, the critical third party services like weather apps, maps, and payment gateways ought to be taken into account.
  • Cultural adaptation: The images are chosen keeping the cultural sentiments, religious beliefs, local culture, and ethnicity of the target demographic in mind. For example, certain color might be appropriate for a target demographic but forbidden for others.

Relation between Software Localization and Internationalization
The process of designing a software in a way that it can be adapted to different languages and regions later without effecting the source code is known as software internationalization. Whereas, software localization is confined to localizing an internationalized software for a specific language or region through translation of its text and addition of locale-specific components. At LCS® we have a talented team of experts who are proficient in their respective work of software localization as well as internationalization. You may contact us on (phone no.) for the same.

Software Localization process followed by LCS:
Following is the 4 steps process followed by us for software localization:

  • Design for localization: The necessary measures are taken at the design stage to prepare the source code for localization and internationalization.
  • Translate Software Text Strings: Our professional translators localize the software text.
  • Complete the Build: The build is completed by using the localized text files.
  • Testing: The graphic user interface, language and functionality of the localized software are rigorously tested by our specialized testing team to ensure quality.

Bad localization of software product can be a huge cost to the company as it fails to relate with its target audience. Though the source code could be logically and syntactically accurate, if poorly localized, it fails to impress the end users pertaining to different demographics. Lot of good planning and updated software localization tools are required to render quality software localization services to its clientele. We at LCS® meticulously achieve this task with great finesse such that our software localization services disseminated through word of mouth only.

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