Language Consultancy Services ™ Pvt. Ltd. is a complete language service provider and an emerging e-learning solution company. The management and the staff of LCS are committed to provide services of the highest quality. The company strives to provide its services efficiently and effectively at the highest level of integrity, scalability, transparency, and security. We ensure that statutory and regulatory requirements relevant to our products, services and security are adhered to at all times.

We will do this by seeking regular feedback from our customers, by internal and external auditing, performance monitoring, corrective and preventive measures, encouraging staff involvement, management reviews and adherence to formalized Quality Management System.

Quality Policy

  • LCS is committed to provide high quality services in the field of language translations and e-learning by continuously improving processes through innovation, technology integration and cost and time effective methods to ensure customer satisfaction.

Quality is maintained through:

  • Stringent quality assurance process in place
  • Innovative, cost and time effective services
  • Constant quality improvement processes
  • Continuous evaluation of market to explore challenging areas of operation
  • Accountability in all aspects of our work
  • Effective content development, translation memory and database management
  • Strong project management and quality assurance team
  • Effective glossary, terminology and reference guide creation

LCS takes responsibility to provide flawless, relevant and effective translation. We eliminate the risks of translation errors by investing in people with real skills, latest technology, and TQM. We have a hierarchical process and checklist to refine and polish our every project before delivering it to our client.

As an emerging e-learning solutions company with a clear growth plan, we focus on delivering e-learning servicesand products that clearly meets our customer expectations. This is achieved by in-depth analysis of the client’s requirements and adhering to best industry practices.

With quality measures that are designed to eliminate common human errors, we ensure all targets are set and accomplished for every project(s) from our entrusted clients.