In an ever changing world, technology throws an array of options at us every day. Be it the way we look, the way we commute, they way we talk or the way we deal with finances. Increased costs and a desire for human independent systems have led us to the gateway of a new revolution, e-Learning Solutions. It aims at training and teaching in an absolute technical environment following all the processes in a pragmatic and systematic manner.

LCS® is an e-learning and translation solutions company based in New Delhi, India. We strive to create customer relevant and innovating e-learning products. We already are one of the pioneers in translations and voice-over services in the industry in India. What differentiates us is our ability to handle unstructured situations with ease, giving life to ideas and concepts that have never been implemented previously, and manage large and complex projects adhering to delivery deadlines; all the while maintaining the highest standards of quality, practicality and efficiency.

The reason behind our success is our emphasis on understanding and analyzing the real needs of the client's business and then providing solutions that are cost-effective and practical in the long run.


We aspire to be a global provider of knowledge-based solutions to entities across the globe by providing competitive edge in their business domains.

To create exciting, innovative and user friendly and practical products that fundamentally change the way people gain knowledge and help them become more effective, efficient and productive. To grow with our client and make the client grow.


Our team comprises operational managers, project managers, instructional designers, software programmers, content writers, content editors, and graphic artists who undergo a rigorous training program that focus on skill as well as team building with a customer centric approach.

An ambitious team who impose the most stringent standards of quality upon themselves to be the best in whatever they do. We select the best talent for innovative thinking, problem solving and ingenious pedagogy.Our hiring process makes sure that our team show promise in problem solving, thinking through unstructured situations and devising comprehensive yet simple, practical and effective solutions.


LCS® analyses and provides customized e-learning solutions that fits our clients requirements by providing innovative and compelling (practical) solutions using our expertise in design, content and technology.

We have established ourselves as a customer-centric organization that helps its clients become competitive through the use of innovative technology and content solutions.

Our endeavor has always been to implement solutions that are customized to meet our clients’ needs. Using our experience and expertise, we analyze client's objectives and business goals and then opt for the correct strategy, instructional design and the right technology to provide meaningful solutions.

Why LCS®?

In today's fast-paced environment, the ability to react quickly to change often determines who survives and who does not. Companies frequently find that they may not have the skills, the technological know-how or the manpower to implement a critical project or meet a mission-critical deadline.

At Language Consultancy Services ™ Pvt. Ltd., e-learning services form the core of our deliverables. We offer services in every possible spectrum of learning. We not just develop content related to e learning, but also encapsulate the nuances of the field related to the project. This is done with the help of fast paced visuals, online tutorials, simulations and voice modules. We not just create e learning modules as per your needs, but also are also flexible to create an online ambience which is conducive for the trainees to get into the depth of the subject

LCS® is a company that is focused on helping you achieve your business goals. The reason behind our success is our emphasis on understanding and analyzing the real needs of the client's business and then providing solutions that are cost-effective in the long run. We have grown with our clients and take pride in the fact that we have helped them grow.