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We can make a graphic designed page of the translated document. It can become difficult for desktop publisher (or DTP expert) to complete the DTP job accurately, when being performed by a person who is not familiar with the languages involved. That is why at LCS®, you can rely on professional translators and designers to design your technical, scientific or commercial documents.

By using LCS's desktop publishing services you will receive a layout of your publication before printing, we use DTP software's to design your texts and graphics thereby preparing final document. This process is carried out by professionals who are familiar with the most up to date software on the market and then the published file is shown to the language expert who confirms that the desktopping is correct and advises the errors which has erupted due to the desktop publishing. This allows for the extra scrutiny of your documents and lets us eliminate errors whilst still keeping the costs low.

We can provide you with a CD with PDF and open files of the published matter. This means that the files are ready to be sent to your printer for printing, offering you the very best value for money. We also provide the option of downloading your document from our FTP website, protected by secure login.

Our graphic designers work using all the major and current DTP softwares available in the market today. We can digitize your photos or diagrams, or even redesign a drawing or a sketch, providing you with a complete hassle free package.

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